Glenwood Cemetery

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Duck Creek Cemetery Group, LLC. 

Jennings Hastings, President

Office: 302-270-0531

20 W. Mt. Vernon St. 

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Grave Plot Decoration Policy

Allowed Decorations

1. Flowers and floral arrangements (either fresh or artificial) are permitted in monument attached vases. Saddle arrangements attached to the top of the monument are permitted.*

2.  Flowers are also permitted in non-breakable containers that are solidly anchored in the ground, touching the monument or foundation. If the containers are damaged or are no longer anchored, they will be removed.*

3.  National, military and first responder flags along with associated medallions are permitted if installed in metal flag holders that are touching the monument or foundation. These flags are to be removed when they are faded or torn.*

4. Small, unbreakable mementos such as rocks or small statues are permitted if totally off the ground and remain on the monument.*

5. A maximum of 2 solar lights per grave site will be allowed if securely anchored to the ground and touching the monument or foundation.*

6.  Holiday or seasonal decorations are permitted if placed in the approved containers as stated above or firmly attached to the monument or foundation.*

7. Potted plants are permitted for the following holidays: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day and Christmas. They may be placed on the gravesite next to the monument two weeks before and removed two weeks after the holiday.*

8. Christmas or other faith-based holiday decorations, including grave blankets and wreaths are permitted from November 1st thru January 31st. They are to be reasonably placed and secured on the gravesite.*

* In the case of a gravesite with no monument, the above decorations may be placed securely anchored in the ground at the head of the plot.

Prohibited Decorations

1. Glass, cans (including beer and soda) or other breakable materials are not allowed on either the grave site or monument.

2. Containers of any kind not mentioned in the allowed decorations policy are prohibited.

3.  Planted flowers (annual or perennial), shrubs and trees are prohibited.

4.  Enclosures of any kind cannot be planted or placed around or on the plot, grave, monument or marker.

5. Decorations not mentioned above, such as metal art or pinwheels, as well as decorative structures that are either placed in the ground, the attached monument vases and/or rise above the monument are prohibited.

Cemetery Clean-up

1. There will be an annual clean-up of the cemetery between February 1 and March 1 in preparation for the mowing season. During this time period all decorations that are not in compliance with the Grave Plot Decoration Policy will be removed.

2. Any decoration that is not in compliance with the Grave Plot Decorations Policy may be removed at any time without notice.

3. Glenwood Cemetery is responsible for the maintenance of the Cemetery grounds. Therefore, no personal landscaping equipment (including mowers, edgers, blowers) is permitted. The usage of such equipment will only be authorized for the person/company specified in the Annual Maintenance Contract.

For questions concerning these policies, please contact the Glenwood Cemetery Committee at 302-653-8415 or email at