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Outreach Dinner Needs your Help!

Do you have an hour to an hour and a half once a month to donate to Asbury?   If so, the Outreach dinner ministry could use you.  The team could use a couple of people willing to call about 10 people the weekend prior to the dinner.  The team also needs a few people who are willing to be a substitute driver/deliverer  if a regular driver is unable to deliver that month.  The dinners are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month September through May.  As an added bonus you get the summer off.  To volunteer or if you have questions, please call Joyce Sinclair at 302-736-1078.

2nd Sunday Mission

Home of the Brave Mission Statement

The mission of the Home of the Brave is to reduce homelessness among our Military Veteran population. In addition to providing transitional housing, food and security, we assist with employment, counseling services, access to healthcare, transportation and locating affordable housing. It is our goal to help our veterans successfully transition into permanent housing and personal independence.

The Intentional Faith Development Team is very excited to announce the next Small Group Study opportunity. This important discipleship opportunity will begin during the first week of January and continue for six weeks. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.
Pastor and bestselling author John Ortberg has written a book and small group study entitled GOD IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. He describes the study in this manner:
Intimacy with God can happen right now if you want it. A closeness you can feel, a goodness you can taste, a reality you can experience for yourself. That’s what the Bible promises, so why settle for less? God is closer than you think, and connecting with him isn’t just for monks and ascetics. It’s for business people, high school students, busy moms, single men, single women…and most important, it’s for YOU.
In GOD IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK you will learn to:
1. Find God where you least expect him.
2. Listen to God’s voice.
3. Identify which pathway of relationship you are uniquely designed to
4. Align yourself with the flow of the Holy Spirit.
5. Draw closer to God even when he seems absent.
Please sign up beginning now and plan on attending the study starting in early January 2016. Please contact Rev. Brown with any questions.


For details contact Rev. Dale L. Brown

Sunday Adult Bible Study

Three Gifts One Christ  by Katie Z. Dawson

This new Bible Study will be starting Jan. 17 at 10:45 am in the Matthews Room. Please join us!

We need an instructor if you are able to help. Please see Rev. Dale L. Brown 302- 381-8834

Please welcome the following NEW MEMBERS to the Asbury Family:


Your Help Is Needed!

If you were cared for in a church nursery as a child or if you were ever able to enjoy a worship service knowing your children and/or grandchildren were cared for in a church nursery, now is the time for you to “pay it forward” and give others that same opportunity. Asbury has a paid attendant to care for children during all three services, but also needs one nursery volunteer during each service. The work is not difficult, as the paid attendant knows the children and the procedures. You just need to be there to help her. If we have a large pool of volunteers, each person will only need to volunteer an hour every 6-8 weeks. This plea is for both men and women of Asbury. Most fathers and grandfathers have experience caring for young children and your help is needed! Please contact Kristen in the Church Office at 302-653-8415 to volunteer for this important activity.

Would you consider naming Asbury in your will?  

Calling All Crafters

If you are a crafter (or not) and would like to join the group that is responsible for making the beautiful gifts for sale at the Asbury Bazaar they meet every other Tuesday afternoon in the Matthews Room.  No matter your skill level there is a job for you.

Did you know you can get paperwork notarized in the church office for FREE?

Help the church office to keep accurate records by ensuring that the attendance register sheet from your pew is placed in the offering plate each Sunday morning.  Thank you.

Travelers keep up with regular offerings by giving electronically

Just as you rely upon receiving income on a regular basis, Asbury UMC relies on your regular contributions. Asbury appreciates the efforts of congregation members to make consistent donations throughout the year—especially during popular winter and summer travel periods. To assist you, the church provides a convenient electronic giving option for setting up regular contributions. Please contact the church office for details.

Food Pantry      

The food pantry is asking for grocery store bags, juice, noodle & rice side dish., pudding mix, and ketchup   Don’t forget to bring in your coupons (no need to clip) the basket is located at the back door.

Asbury UMC welcomes all who listen by radio on WDSD at 7:00 am.  You may also access our audio recordings on our web site asburysmyrnaumc.org.  You can also obtain a CD of a service by emailing your request to Smyrna @rcn.com or calling the church office.