We Actually Do Stuff Too

One thing I love about being part of a local church is that we don’t just talk about lofty principles and pious sounding platitudes about God.  Well, I guess I do plenty of that.  But I know and see a lot of people around here who listen  — yes — but who also actually do stuff.  They put food in bags five mornings a week; they do stuff like rock babies in their arms, sit and tell stories of faith to children, travel places to put real hammers to actual nails in order to fix up homes; they go out and sit by the beds of nursing home residents; they gather to send care packages overseas; and that’s just touching the surface of the ”concrete action-ness” of our faith.

We’re continuing to think about applying FranklinCovey’s Four Disciplines of Execution (think implementation) to the results of our Vision 2020 planning process.  The second discipline is to “Act on Lead Measures.”  Another way to put this is to “translate lofty goals into specific actions.”  After all, from reading Matthew 25 it certainly appears that when it’s all said and done and we appear before a just and merciful, loving God the first question he will ask us will not likely be, “Did you develop a really schnazzy, profound, and visionary business plan?”  What he will say is, “When you lived out your faith by actually visiting the incarcerated, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, and clothing the needy you were doing it for me, and such concrete, specific action will be lauded in my eternity forever.”

Never forget that.

I am moved by the profound, lofty principles and goals of our faith: fulfill the great commission and commandment, do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.  But I also love the “concrete action-ness” of our faith.  After all when you follow a guy who not only took a spear in his side and nails in his hands and feet for the world, but who also touched persons with skin diseases, washed people’s feet and even came back to fix breakfast for his friends – you can’t exactly expect to sit around and do nothing but think lofty thoughts.

We do stuff – not just to do stuff, but because it’s what the kind of God Jesus incarnated incarnates us to do.

If you can’t understand that last sentence, don’t worry about it.  Just keep doing stuff for Jesus and you’ll have gotten my point.

Grace and peace,


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