Vision 2020

Asbury United Methodist Church

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement“To welcome all to worship, grow, serve and share God’s love in Jesus Christ.”

Vision Statement– “Asbury United Methodist Church exists: to be a welcoming and supportive community; inviting all people to experience God’s love; to worship God, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit; to help people become disciples of Christ; to help people discover their spiritual gifts and use them for the common good.”

Future Assumptions-

Building– (1) Our building as is, will be inadequate to meet our program needs. (2) Asbury will hire a professional engineer to assess and recommend changes to the building to meet the needs of future growing congregation. (3) We will strive to make the building as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to worship at Asbury.

Financial– (4) We will need to add paid staff to most effectively recruit, train and support the leaders and participants required to sustain our growing ministries and programs. (5) Ther generous support of giving which has been very good will continue to improve the attractiveness and accessibility of our church. (6)We will commit a reasonable amount of resources annually to maintain an attractive and funtional physical church in order to effectively fulfill our mission.

Communication– (7) Asbury will proactively improve and expand its electronic and print communication to its members, staff and community. (7a) Our need for, and use of, technology, audio-visual, etc. resources will continue to grow.

Youth and Young Adult Programs– (8) Demand for youth ministry will increase. (9) We will need a young adult ministry program. (10) A strong recruitment/training/support program will develop capable, competent leaders for the ongoing ministries of the church, including ministries with and for children and youth.

Intentional Faith Development– (11) All people who are associated with Asbury will be encouraged and given an opportunity to participate in regular and small groups to interact spiritually.

Risk- taking Mission Outreach and Service– (12) Asbury will collaborate with other community churches to provide misson outreach to address needs in our community and world. (13) We will become aware and interact with every significant, cultural and ethnic group of people residing in our mission area. (13a) Participation will continue to increase in mission outreach projects.

Leadership– (14) There will be a transition of personnel in pastoral leadership.

Radical Hospitality, Member Participation and Programming– (15) There will continue to be a need for more interactive programs that involve participation of persons from all worship services. (16) Asbury will continue to exude a welcoming atmosphere. (17) We will continue to pray.

Passionate Worship Services– (18) We will integrate other cultural styles of worship in our ministry. (18a) More people will continue to attend worship services but less often.