This Week’s Devotional

While in seminary I had the privilege of studying both the Hebrew and Greek languages.  These languages are the primary ones used throughout the Bible. I greatly enjoyed learning and translating New Testament Greek. It followed the same language rules I learned in English grammar and composition.  Hebrew, though, was very different. Learning Hebrew was like putting together a puzzle.

But I do remember translating the early portion of Genesis 1. The earth was “formless and void”  or as in Hebrew “Tohu wa bohu.”
(That is the only Hebrew phrase I remember.) The “Spirit of God” hovered over the waters.

Miguel A. De La Torre, in his commentary on Genesis in the Belief series, writes:
“Like a mother hen brooding over her nest waiting for life to spring forth, God’s spirit hovered over the waters. The good news is that God’s spirit still hovers over the formless void of broken lives and the great darkness in which the marginalized find themselves… In the darkness when we wonder if our prayers go any higher than our ceilings, we can take comfort in knowing that we are not alone. The God of Genesis is not a distant deity, but a God who is present, brooding over us like a mother hen.

All of us can take comfort in loving and being loved by a God who “hovers” over our lives in this manner.

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