The Privilege of Doing Weird Stuff for Jesus

On Sunday, April 29, we had Tailgate Sunday with a baseball theme.  Though I know I’m not nearly as young or hip as former Asbury  youth ministers Roger Moscara or Scot McClymont, I took a page out of their book and told the congregation if we had an attendance of over 250 at our combined worship service, Pat Musto could do whatever she wanted with my hair.

We didn’t quite get there but since this blue hair was only temporary I let it happen any way.  I never could have imagined that becoming a follower of Jesus let alone a United Methodist Pastor would one day lead to my having blue hair for a day.  And yet I could never have imagined any number of moments of surprise and craziness and fun and pain and wonder and angst and incredible grace I have experienced on this journey.

I wouldn’t trade a single one of them – including but not limited to a blue hair day.  (Actually, I’m thankful I still have any hair at all.)

Also, considering what he did long ago for me and us all, doing a weird thing or two for Jesus is probably not too much to expect or ask of anyone.

Grace and peace,



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