Spiritual Growth

General Conference Listening Sessions

6 Week Lenten Bible Study

Just turning on the news lets us know we are living in uncertain times. Economic instabilities, eruptions of violence, and natural catastrophes can alter the lives and landscapes of entire communities. Our individual lives are often just as unsteady: relationships can break, plans can falter, and confidence can fail.

Uncertainty can definitely be uncomfortable. Many of us prefer stability and a predictable future to an unknown fate. We are wired to want to control our destiny.

The reality is that in our fast-changing, unpredictable world there are few guarantees in life. It’s those who are willing to embrace uncertainty and make the risky decision to follow Jesus despite the many “unknowns” who will reap the greatest rewards.

          Starting Thursday, February 27 at the Parsonage.  Call the church office to register.

Books are $8

A Confirmation Class is being planned for anyone sixth grade and older that is interested in becoming a member of Asbury UMC.  More information regarding dates and times will be forthcoming.  Please contact the church office to register.

Lenten Devotions

We are approaching Lent and each year we provide a Lenten Devotional Book of 40 reflections to help us reflect on the grace God gives us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year we are asking for the people of Asbury UMC to write the 40 devotionals to be included in the book this year.

Please prayerfully consider writing one for this book which we will publish for the members of AUMC. As you consider, this devotional message is really just a reflection or a testimony to what God has done or is doing in your life. Maybe you can:

  • Pick a scripture that means a lot to you and talk about how it has helped you in your faith and in your life.
  • Write about the time when you first knew Jesus and what that meant to you.
  • Write about a time in your life when you felt God’s presence walking with you through a particular situation.
  • Write about someone in your life who has influenced you for Jesus.
  • Write about your experience of a certain ministry or mission that has helped you grow in your faith.
  • Write about a time when you needed forgiveness or to forgive and how God made it possible.

Write or type your story, 250-500 words and get it back to the office or Pastor Julie. We will need it no later than Sunday, the 16th. This is a chance for you to influence the next generation or to help someone who is struggling with their faith.

Begin with or select a scripture that goes with your story and then write your devotional message. You will be blessed in writing it and you will be a blessing to others. Thank you so much!

Prayer Time

Every Tuesday, we will have prayer time in the chapel beginning at 8:30 am. During this time, we will pray for the needs of our church, our community, our nation and world and specifically those prayer concerns lifted up to us through the prayer cards. Please join us to pray for our congregation and our concerns, praying thanks for our blessings and building a foundation of prayer with our Lord and Savior.  Everyone is welcome.

LIGHT HOUSE Ministry: Living in Grace, Hope and Truth

The LIGHT HOUSE ministry is open to all adults of Asbury. Please join the members for  upcoming meetings and events.

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” (Psalm 133:1)

LIGHT HOUSE meetings. Unless otherwise indicated, the group meets on the second Sunday of each month at 12:15 PM in the Matthews Room. The members begin each meeting with a 15-minute spiritual nourishment time. They  then discuss upcoming activities and enjoy a time of fellowship.

The United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men meet each Wednesday morning at 8 am for devotions, prayer, and discussion.  After this they do many important “jobs” of repair around the church.  All men are invited to attend.

Women’s Bible Study

The Monday morning Women’s Bible Study has started a new study and would like to invite all women to attend.  The study is from 10:30 to Noon at the Church.

Sunday School-

Offered Sunday mornings during the 9:30 service. Ages 2- adult
Youth Ministry
  • Junior High: Sunday nights, 4:30-6. Grades 5-8
  • Senior High: Sunday nights, 6-8. Grades 9-12
  • Chill Cafe: Wednesday evenings, 7-8. Grades 5-12 

Sunday Youth Group for grades 5-12, Sunday nights, 5-7 pm, and dinner is provided every Sunday for all students.  Our evening begins in fellowship hall with games and dinner, and we move downstairs to the youth room most weeks for music, lesson and prayer.  Come check us out!

Chill Cafe for grades 8 & up will meet weekly on Tuesdays, 5-6 pm, in the youth room downstairs.  This is a “chill” time of light snacks, games (Uno, checkers, etc) and hanging with friends, followed by a time of devotion, discussion, and prayer.

Would our congregation like to help? We are quite fortunate to have great volunteers working with our students weekly, but we need some additional help with dinner prep. I am looking for interested people to come in to set up our dinner for us, sometimes with food brought in, and sometimes preparing the food for us here.

Also, if you, or a group of you, would be interested in donating a prepared meal for our group of about 25 on a scheduled Sunday Youth night, we would be elated! If you would prefer to purchase something to help us out instead, here are a few items we will need over the next couple weeks: hamburger buns, spaghetti noodles, macaroni, spaghetti sauce, cinnamon applesauce cups (3 packs), Goldfish, salsa.  We are also able to use gift cards for grocery stores, Dominoes, Chick-fil-A, or Pats Pizza. Thank you for all you do to support our youth of Asbury!   For additional information, email Michelle.Wilson.Youth@gmail.com.

 Fellowship Opportunities
  • United Methodist Men: Wednesdays 8 am-Noon

            Bible study and service project

  • United Methodist Women’s Circles – all women invited:
Mary Martha Circle
          Fourth Wednesday of each month, 7:30 pm
Dorcas Circle
          Third Thursday of each month, 1:00 pm
Faith and Unity Circle