Sneakers for God

In a beautiful passage in Romans 10 it says “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of good things!” quoting from Isaiah 52.  I’ve never been much of a foot fetish person so this has always sounded a little weird to me.  When someone brings good news I would expect at least to say something like, “What a beautiful smile,” or ”How nice to see your face,” but not something as apparently tacky as “Wow, Dude, you’ve got some great looking feet!”

This thing is, when someone goes out of their way to bring the reality of the Gospel to people, there is an intentionality to it.  Sometimes it seems to happen in a spontaneous random way, but if we all had to rely on random spontaneity to receive the good news, a lot of us would still be waiting around unblessed by the news that we can share resurrection with Jesus.   God and God’s messengers have to be intentional about it.  It is a dispatch sent from the heart of heaven and it gets to you by people who put their shoes on and bring it.  Whether we climb into a pulpit or go across the street to a neighbor or traipse out early on a Sunday morning to teach children, it is our literal or figurative feet that take us to that divine appointment.  Anyone who shares the gospel with people in any form is sort of like God’s sneakers.

A friend of mine named Carol has always taken her work for God seriously but herself not so seriously.  So I know I can get away with this analogy.  We’re not really celebrating her retirement from full-time ministry but we are expressing gratitude this week for her service in our midst – things like the way she’s been a good example of God’s sneakers around here.  Sometimes she’s been God’s sneakers running around to give sermons in three locations on one Sunday in the same church.  Often she’s been the sneakers of God going out of her way to bring the comfort of healing and resurrection to sick or hurting people both within and beyond our congregation.  More than once she’s been the sneakers that walked into a situation where her non-anxious presence helped conflicted, out-of-sorts church members sort things out and find themselves leaning into God’s grace more than before she entered the room.

None of us is called to steal God’s glory or the luster of Jesus’ Gospel.  Maybe its good we are not called God’s smile, or God’s voice, of God’s face.  But it’s always a good and safe thing to consider ourselves God’s sneakers.  Thanks for being a great pair in the time you’ve served with us, Carol.  We’re glad yours aren’t going to be totally hung up in some far away locker room just yet.  In the meantime let me just say to everybody else.  Let’s follow Carol’s example and get more ‘sneakerish’ around here.  There’s a lot more good news to share.

Let’s lace ‘em up and get out there.

Grace and peace,


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