The Asbury Corinthian Fund enabled our children and community to enjoy a safe, beautiful, and functional facility in support of excellent mission and ministry beyond our own lifetimes.


The earnings of the Asbury Corinthian Fund provide the necessary capital to repair, replace and improve Asbury Church facilities through the generosity of our congregation and friends.

Guiding Principles:

Capital expenditures are defined as expenditures for facility related projects having a useful life expectancy of ten years or more.
Fund earnings may be expended each year on such capital projects as are approved by majority vote of both the Board of Trustees and the Endowment Team.
Fund principal may be tapped only according to the “Exceptional Need” provision as noted in current Endowment Guidelines.


Successful development and wise use of the Corinthian Fund will:

Bless the community by helping to provide the congregation with safe and functional facilities in support of the mission of Jesus Christ for the 21st Century and beyond.
Promote wise stewardship of physical facilities, discouraging delay of necessary capital maintenance due to lack of current funding.  Such delay only increases the overall cost of maintaining deteriorating facilities and creates a vicious cycle that burdens future generations.
Help congregation in the future focus a maximum portion of current giving and energies on current expenses and direct mission projects, rather than inwardly focusing on multiple, endless, overlapping capital repair and maintenance campaigns relating to the building.
    Encourage the congregation to be increasingly mission focused and outwardly oriented for the long-term.

    Key Inspirational Bible Passages:

      1 Corinthians 3:7-11

      By faithful, tangible actions we sew seeds today that bear fruit beyond our own lifetimes.  We lay a Christ-centered foundation that others will later build on.  All this is of God and brings blessing to people and glory to God beyond what we may realize.

        1 Corinthians 12-13

        Our mission as the Body of Christ (ch. 12) is to work together to serve and share God’s love in Jesus Christ (ch. 13)  with excellence (12:31) until time as we know it is no more (13:12-13).

          2 Corinthians 5:14-21

          The outreaching love of Christ compels us to be mission oriented and outwardly focused beyond ourselves as much as possible.

          The Capital Campaign Committee

          Incumbent Pastors:

          Rev.Dr. David Humphrey

          Rev  Carol Terry

          Honorary Chairs:

          Mrs. Alverna Price

          Mrs. Margaret Snow

          Co- Chairs:

          Vicenta G. Marquez, M.D.

          The Honorable Senator:  Bruce Ennis

          Treasurer :

          Mrs. Lisa  Snow Hastings


          Wayne Barton , Ed. D.

          Mrs. Stacey Deakyne

          Mr. John Brady

          Ms Patricia Musto

          Mr. Richard  Horsey

          Mrs. Sharon  Horsey

          Mr. Robert Riddagh

          Mrs. Pat Riddagh

          Mrs. Molly Wattay

          Ms Sharon Rose



          ONE TIME TOTAL:
          1 YEAR 2008
          2 YEARS 2009
          3 YEARS 2010
          4 YEARS 2011
          5 YEARS 2012

          You will get a yearly statement for your TAX  exemption record.

          Method of Funding

          Savings Account—To set aside $1.00 per attendee every Sunday x 5 yrs Deducted from the Sunday offering, not an extra  dollar from attendees.

          Seek for GRANTS for preservation of  historic architectural designs

          Pledged solicitation committed to be payable in 5 years. OR anytime
          Estate bequests/ Wills

          “Creative Fundraising “ such as  entertainments, car wash, sales of goods, art shows, etc

          Needs Assessment for the Capital Campaign

          In the past several years, we have seen the fairly progressive (but normal) deterioration of our church infrastructure.   In  2000 a formal assessment of the physical condition of the church building was done by Kelly & Johnson Architects together with engineers from Furlow  Associates & Long, Tann  & D’Onofrio.  A detailed written report   identified significant life safety and property preservation concerns with the present buildings.  The report concludes  “The older building is a three story brick structure bearing wall with internal cast iron columns and heavy timber framing, dedicated in 1872.   This church is in a historic property  and maybe the finest extant example of high Victorian ecclesiastical architecture in the state.  The corbelling, fenestration, steeple and interior design of the church are closely related to English examples of the 1850’s and 1860’s.  The 1872 church replaced a federal structure which was destroyed by fire.”

          The 2000 report gave recommendations divided into three basic types:

          1)      Serious Life Safety Concerns

          2)      Serious Physical Property Concerns

          3)      Program and Property Concerns

          Since then there have been numerous building and repair projects undertaken to address these concerns, and others have arisen.  These include: renovation of steeple, replacement and refurbishing of windows, safe exit access, air conditioning,  steam boiler replacement,  repair of organ loft roof joists, improvement of toilet facilities, and face lifting of the front and fellowship hall.  To date we have always appealed to the congregation “ in time of need” for funding beyond current giving.  We also took a loan from the bank for bigger expenditures for repair in 2002 and with payments to be completed in 2009.

          Our Trustees and Methodist Men have done an excellent  job keeping our physical plant as functional and attractive as current funding allows.  Every Sunday throughout the year over three hundred persons from infants to persons in their 90s and every age in between walk through our doors and find encouragement and inspiration.  Our facilities are in use seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year by church and community groups for life-enriching purposes.  The mission and work we do in this community are irreplaceable and will be for decades to come.  While current giving has increased steadily in recent years, many important structural concerns identified from 2000 report are yet to be addressed and other needed projects have been deferred.

          We clearly need a permanent source of funding capital repair and replacement as needs arise.  The Asbury Corinthian Fund will meet this need and enable structural stability for continued growth in service to our community for the foreseeable future.  Although this task comes at a time of predictable economic downturn, our cause is both urgent and important.

          Introduction Letter

          Dear Members and Friends of Asbury UMC, Smyrna,

          In May, 2008 The Asbury Corinthian Fund was introduced to the congregation. All in attendance at the 3 services unanimously agreed to the project. The enclosed brochure will define the Fund in detail.

          In June 2008 , we started  the Savings account  deductions from the Sunday offerings.  Some members also started giving donations.  We are now starting the member and friends solicitation campaign.  We are asking for your commitment that can give hope and comfort for future generations.

          Your gift can  be completed in five (5) years. In order to have a ____________________ we ask for the 20% of your pledge payable in the first year. However, any gift to the fund of any amount is welcomed  at any time. The pleasure of your reply is appreciated  by  September 30, 2008. One of the committee Members will contact you at a later date.