Can You Imagine . . . ?

Reflections on Our Vision

Here at Smyrna Asbury UMC we have been trying to discern God’s vision for our local church for the next several years and know it has something to do with making the compassion of Jesus tangible in our midst.  We have developed eleven “Wildly Important Goals” (WIGs) relating to three ministry areas and are now working on implementing them utilizing the four disciplines of execution (Franklin Covey).

The first is to “Focus on the Wildly Important.”  The ministry areas we have determined to be vitally important include Mission Outreach, Intentional Faith Development, and Ministry with and for Young People.  Can you imagine…

… no unmet human need within a ten mile radius of our church building?  This would be something only God could accomplish, yet I am drawn by the tone and tenor of Matthew 25 to envision us doing whatever we can in cooperation with others to see that no one is left unclothed, no one unvisited, no one hungry, no one unloved.

… people drawing closer and closer to God and one another to the point they report regularly as in Luke 24 that their hearts were burning within them?  Ephesians 4:14-16 gives a “building up in love” reality that we are being called into.

… Christ-like character and relationships being forged in the lives of young people to such an extent that not only do they individually resist negative peer pressure but together they share a new, fresh blessing this community never thought possible?  As I ponder Matthew 18-19 I am moved both by the way Jesus welcomes young people into his arms and community of followers, as well as the deep wisdom and rich character qualities he makes available for all to experience.

Anybody want to be part of this vision?  I can’t wait to see what the next several years brings as we focus on these wildly important areas of ministry.

Grace and peace,


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