Focusing Beyond Burgers

I have been thinking recently about how to apply FranklinCovey’s Four Disciplines of Execution in a distincitively Christian way.  How does this relate to Jesus?  The first discipline is to focus on the wildly important.

Jesus was a person of amazing focus.  Consider how in his temptations (Matthew 4:1-11) he successfully resisted the temptation to be merely relevant, or popular, or powerful (Nouwen, In the Name of Jesus) in ways that were inconsistent with his loving destiny.  Note too that he was always thinking in a Scriptural manner.

In Luke 9:51 Jesus set his face resolutely toward Jerusalem and everything he did along the way was consistent with the sacrificially loving deed he would there accomplish.  Talk about focusing on the always redemptive, wildly important!

Finally think about his response to the disciple brothers wanting top dog status in heaven.  His words in Mark 10:42-45 constantly call me away from whatever tangents I seem to get lulled into (burgers and plenty of others), and back into pursuing Christ honoring goals in a Christ-like manner.

What is wildly important for you?  Our congregation has determined that eleven specific goals relating to young people’s ministry, intentional faith development, and mission outreach are wildly important for us to fulfill our calling to make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world.

As we do so, may we borrow supernaturally from the scripture-saturated, resolute-faced, tangent-avoiding focus of Jesus.

I sure need that.  How about you?

Grace and peace,


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