The Asbury Corinthian Fund enabled our children and community to enjoy a safe, beautiful, and functional facility in support of excellent mission and ministry beyond our own lifetimes.


The earnings of the Asbury Corinthian Fund provide the necessary capital to repair, replace and improve Asbury Church facilities through the generosity of our congregation and friends.

Guiding Principles:

Capital expenditures are defined as expenditures for facility related projects having a useful life expectancy of ten years or more.
Fund earnings may be expended each year on such capital projects as are approved by majority vote of both the Board of Trustees and the Endowment Team.
Fund principal may be tapped only according to the “Exceptional Need” provision as noted in current Endowment Guidelines.


Successful development and wise use of the Corinthian Fund will:

Bless the community by helping to provide the congregation with safe and functional facilities in support of the mission of Jesus Christ for the 21st Century and beyond.
Promote wise stewardship of physical facilities, discouraging delay of necessary capital maintenance due to lack of current funding.  Such delay only increases the overall cost of maintaining deteriorating facilities and creates a vicious cycle that burdens future generations.
Help congregation in the future focus a maximum portion of current giving and energies on current expenses and direct mission projects, rather than inwardly focusing on multiple, endless, overlapping capital repair and maintenance campaigns relating to the building.
    Encourage the congregation to be increasingly mission focused and outwardly oriented for the long-term.

    Key Inspirational Bible Passages:

      1 Corinthians 3:7-11

      By faithful, tangible actions we sew seeds today that bear fruit beyond our own lifetimes.  We lay a Christ-centered foundation that others will later build on.  All this is of God and brings blessing to people and glory to God beyond what we may realize.

        1 Corinthians 12-13

        Our mission as the Body of Christ (ch. 12) is to work together to serve and share God’s love in Jesus Christ (ch. 13)  with excellence (12:31) until time as we know it is no more (13:12-13).

          2 Corinthians 5:14-21

          The outreaching love of Christ compels us to be mission oriented and outwardly focused beyond ourselves as much as possible.

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